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Global cold water market in 2021 will reach $10 billion 840 million

According to MarketsandMarkets latest report shows that the global cold water market is expected to grow from $8 billion 630 million in 2015 to $10 billion 840 million in 2021, an annual compound growth rate of up to 4.24%,

Chiller market is growing demand for energy and chemical industry of high investment. In the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa these regions show that the cold water market remains high growth during the forecast period. Moreover, demand in these regions is also being strengthened by emerging markets such as China and India.

Chiller main types of rotary, scroll, centrifuge, absorption and piston. Scroll chillers are widely used and occupy the largest market share. Absorption chillers are the fastest growing type because of their low manufacturing costs and maintenance costs.

Chiller terminal market such as petroleum and chemical industry, plastic cover and contain everything, medical and pharmaceutical, food, beverage, rubber and other. In terms of value, the plastic industry sector may occupy the largest market share, followed by chemical oil, food drinks, pharmaceuticals, rubber industry. According to forecasts, the chemical market will be between 2016 and 2021 CAGR of the highest market. Currently the Asia Pacific region is the largest chiller market, the United States is the largest cold water market in North america.

How should the chiller operate correctly

For a running chiller. Environmental conditions, the load has become a fixed value at this time, condensing heat load is also fixed value. Provisions of the inlet and outlet temperature difference of 5 degrees, cooling water is also necessarily a certain value and the flow rate is inversely proportional to the water temperature difference between inlet and outlet. Therefore, the chiller operation. As long as the provisions of the cooling water inlet and outlet water temperature difference on the line of this flow is usually used to enter, out of the condenser cooling water pressure drop to control. Under the standard condition, the condenser inlet and outlet water pressure is 68.6kPa. (0, 7kg/cm).

In the actual operation of the cooling water system, there are several misoperation:

The water inlet valve 1, cold water machine boot before will not need to open the closed unit condenser caused by channeling water. A part of the condenser cooling water never flowed away, reducing the running flow of cooling water in condenser, causing condensation pressure, the host running current increases, the cooling capacity decreased, serious will also cause the unit to stop running, not only a waste of electricity, but also reduce the cooling effect, but also easy to damage the equipment.

2, due to a mistake, cold water machine condensing pressure and cooling water outlet temperature. Give the operator mistake to judge, mistaken for the cooling water is not enough to open the inlet valve and the condenser cooling water pump outlet valve, some additional cooling tower fan, pump, cooling tower fan power consumption increase

3, what is more, blindly to open a cooling water pump. Although the open cooling water pump can reduce the temperature of cooling water and condensing pressure, but after all, a pump power wasted. So it is wrong.

The correct method of operation cooling water system:

1, before starting the operation of the unit will not need to shut down the condenser inlet valve, prevent water channeling.

2, will open the water inlet and outlet valve operation on the condenser (usually water outlet valve open inlet valve according to the need of opening and closing. The condenser and the evaporator are the same) to open the corresponding adjustment of the condenser cooling water pump, inlet and outlet pressure below 68.6kPa (0.7kg/cm) about (pressure drop to overcome the pipeline resistance principle, better low power saving effect).

3, if the water condenser pressure gauge pointer swing is too large, that the air cooling water system, need to exhaust the air pressure gauge instructions to continue normal operation the next step.

4, operation, whether to open a few water chillers, are a cooling water pump on a host (to match).

How to exclude fan screw cold water fan fault?

Generally installed in the top of air-cooled screw chiller, there are some users according to the requirements of the installation in the side. The screw chiller fan to heat, we called the air cooled screw chiller, its installation environment must remain open and easy air circulation, so as not to affect the air cooled screw chiller cooling effect.

Who belongs to the electromechanical equipment and the installation or use of the process will certainly have some trouble. So, air-cooled screw chiller fan which common fault? How should enterprises eliminate it?

Aircraft noise, air-cooled screw chiller is too large:

1, bearing parts wear / gap is too large: if the wear should be replaced, too large gap can be directly adjusted to the appropriate position;

: 2, excessive speed can be improved by reducing speed, if it can not solve the fan should be replaced;

The high temperature of the motor two air-cooled screw chiller, fan l:

1, flow rate exceeds the rated value: this can close a small valve;

There are problems, 2 motor or power: to find out the reasons of the motor and power supply;

High temperature three air-cooled screw chiller, fan l:

1, lubricating oil (grease) is not enough or bad quality: if add lubricating oil is not enough, should be required to fill the position of the enterprise; if there is poor quality, it should be cleaned after the replacement bearing lubricating oil (grease) qualified;

2, the fan shaft and the motor shaft should be concentric adjustment;

3, bearing damage: you should replace the new bearing, or direct contact with the cold water machine manufacturers to replace;

Four, air-cooled screw


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