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Weiye Aluminium Group

 Albert CHAN Aluminum Co., Ltd. in 1992, the first town of aluminum in the South China Sea Dali was established, and its affiliated enterprises have Wei-hua stainless steel company. Albert has always been adhering to the "science and technology Albert, the quality of a brand name" quality, after 10 years of development, relying on excellent product quality and the accumulation of brand reputation, has become renowned at home and abroad large-scale aluminum production enterprises . Today's Albert CHAN, with China's well-known trademarks, brand-name products in China, Guangdong well-known trademarks, brand-name products in Guangdong and a series of honorary titles; tomorrow's Albert CHAN, will unremitting efforts to cause Albert into a world famous.

"Technology is our primary productive force", the company attaches great importance to the advanced technology and equipment investment and personnel training. Is the so-called "work to do good, must first of its profits." Albert today has the world's most advanced aluminum production equipment:

1,600 to 7,000 tons of extrusion production line 52;

2, environmental protection with the level of casting rod production line 15;

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Albert Aluminum Material Co., Ltd

3, anodizing and electrophoresis production line 6;

4, spraying production line 3;

5, insulation production line 8;

6, fluorocarbon production line 1;

7, wood grain production line 1; overall integrated production capacity has more than 250,000 tons




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