Several key points of screw chiller

How to use the matching can achieve the effect and can use the lowest operating costs? Therefore, the selection has become a very critical part. In industrial production, mechanical equipment will produce heat when running, if these heat can not be dispersed in time, then it will affect the normal operation of the equipment and product quality and production efficiency. Another situation is that the processed products need to reach a certain temperature in processing, in order to normal processing or to achieve higher qualified rate and production efficiency. Then the processed product temperature must be in the processing or processing to achieve the desired temperature, this time, the cold water machine debut. But in determining the use of cold water machine, how to choose the cold water machine? Then Xiaobian home to everyone about chiller selection of several parameters and requirements.

Refrigerating capacity

Chiller cooling capacity is directly related to the size of the normal use of production equipment and operation efficiency, if the cooling capacity is too small, it can't reach the ideal cooling effect, light reduces the production efficiency, energy consumption of large, heavy equipment can not operate normally, to make the production line shut down. But if the selection is too large, it is a waste of energy, the running cost is larger, the greater the amount of cold water and mechanism of cold water cooling machine price is higher. Therefore, the selection of matching cooling capacity is the key.

2.frozen water

Frozen water is cold water machine cooling water, cooling is directly on the site, but because of the water flow, will directly affect the effect of heat transfer, the flow in cooling position of material, density and heat transfer are calculated, and some equipment requirements for cooling flow, because the water is not enough is cooling down. So the water flow is directly related to the operation of the chiller and the cooling effect of the production equipment.

3.import and export temperature

When the production equipment or production of raw materials in the production process, the required cooling time is pipe cooling water machine and production equipment import and export is a temperature difference, the temperature difference is the heat generated by the actual production equipment, so that it can be a fairly accurate calculation and selection of cold water machine. understand the cooling equipment parts or production and processing of raw materials volume, weight, specific heat, density.

This can quickly and effectively calculate the required chiller cooling capacity. The time required to reduce the initial temperature of the cooled material to the target temperature is also calculated. There is a clear understanding of the production equipment or materials required or can withstand the highest and lowest temperature, so as not to affect equipment or materials.

5.cooling medium is what

6. cooling medium are: tap water, glycol solution, grease, sea water, food and beverage, etc..

Six, users want air-cooled or water-cooled

Air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers are cold water machines, but the cooling unit itself is different, so the installation is also different. Air cooled more convenient, pipe and power can run, but the cooling effect of water-cooled cold water slightly worse than the confidential, because the cooling air cooled machine is air, affected by environmental temperature and air, and installation position also need to have space around the machine in cold water.

The chiller used because of its water for its own cooling, so called water-cooled chiller cooling tower for cooling unit needs to be installed in the pipeline project, than the wind cooled two pipes, but the chiller cooling effect than a lot of good, even in the selection can be more than the air cooled small models, so in the installation conditions, most users will choose the chiller.