Project in Argentina

Argentina (República Argentina), referred to as Argentina, is located in southern South America by 23 provinces and the Federal capital (Buenos Aires) composed of the Presidential federal republic, and Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay , Brazil, Uruguay and other countries bordering the southeast facing the Atlantic. [1] 

Argentina and the United Kingdom in the Malvinas Islands (also known as the Falkland Islands) there is a sovereignty dispute, and this island is the British actual control. At the same time, Argentina also advocated the Antarctic continent has 1 million square kilometers of land sovereignty. [1] 

Argentina is a member of the Association of South American Nations, the Group of 20 and Latin America's third-largest economy. Argentina is one of the developing countries with strong comprehensive national strength in the world. Argentina is also one of the world's major producers and exporters of food and meat.

Argentina benefited from the rich natural resources, high cultural cultivation of the people, the opening-up policy and diverse economies, so Argentina has a large relative to other Latin American countries, the middle class.