• water cooled chillers
  • water cooled chillers
  • water cooled chillers
  • water cooled chillers
  • water cooled chillers
  • water cooled chillers
  • water cooled chillers
  • water cooled chillers
water cooled chillers

300kw high efficiency maglev inverter water cooled chiller


.Low starting current: Conventional large screw unit with a large motor, the start of the moment will have a high impact current, generally up to 200A-600A, affecting the stability of the power grid, so the grid design must take into account the protective measures. The start-up process of the magnetic levitation unit uses the frequency conversion soft starting method of the compressor so that the starting current is as low as only a negligible 6 A, so the starting current is small and the impact on the power grid is low, and the grid design does not need special protection consideration.

water cooled chillers

Product description

The series Air chiller used the Bitzer screw compressor from Germany, with its own superiority: high energy efficiency, low noise, high 

reliability, small footprint, easy installation, simple operation and high flexibility. It is widely used in surface engineering, medicine, chemical 

industry, metallurgy, leather, laser, electronics, plastic injection molding, printing and other industries. The series water chillers have too 

many models. It can achieve a perfect match for industrial applications.


Features of chiller

1. Exceptional energy efficiency:

2. IPLV (integrated partial load energy efficiency) up to 11. Energy saving up to 50% or more.

3. Extremely quiet operation:

4. 72 dBA (TT300, as the speaking voice), there is essentially no vibration.

5. Very compact:

6. Base size of about 50% smaller than the normal unit chiller. Weight about 80% lighter than traditional compressor (with the same cooling capacity).

7. Oil free operation:

8. Increased system efficiency (4% of refrigerant in the refrigerant reduces system efficiency by 9%) simplifies maintenance, reduces maintenance costs, and increases system reliability.

Product Details

HUAZHAO REFRIGERATION set uses the high quality product, don't ignore every detail, to meet the requirements of product you need.


Working process .jpg

Transport process 

From design to assembly and then ship the unit, every step we require our workers to control the quality strictly, so that each unit can be delivered perfectly.


Customer visit

The arrival of customers is the greatest trust and support for our, our superior professional full service has won customers’ unanimous recognition, every time your visit makes a solid mark in the process of opening up overseas markets

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Product certification

HUAZHAO REFRIGERATION many years decades trials and hardships, we strive and sweat to get a variety of industry certification, authorization..



Our Services

24 hours online service

Enquiry will be replied within 1 hours

Our Advantages

1. High quality and professional manufacturer

2. Advanced equipments for manufacturing and testing 

3. Short delivery time 

4. Good after-sale service


1.What's the cooling capacity of chillers?

Cooling capacity from 12kw to 2200kw, model choice based on customer actual working condition request

2.What's the delivery time?

Delivery about 15-30 days after deposit confirmed.

3.What's your payment term?

a.We accept 30% T/T as the deposit, the balance payment paid before delivery

b. L/C at sight

4.What’s the voltage of your chiller?

Voltage is 380V,400V,415V,460V/480V just as your request.

5.What is your warranty period?

  One year

But based on some special project, we can extended our warranty period.

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